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Microsoft releases collaborative Whiteboard inking app for Windows 10

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Microsoft first unveiled its Whiteboard app earlier this year, promising to make it available to all Surface devices by the end of 2017. Microsoft is releasing a preview version of Whiteboard today to all Windows 10 devices, allowing multiple people to share and collaborate using digital ink.

The app lets Windows 10 users ink on images, create mockups, or use notes on a virtual whiteboard. Anyone can use the app, but the collaborative multi-party support will require someone in the group to have an active Office 365 subscription. The new Whiteboard app includes collaborative inking, geometry recognition, table conversion, and automatic table shading. It’s really designed to let people share ink across multiple devices, and any work will be automatically saved to separate boards.

Microsoft is rolling this test app out to English Windows 10 editions today, with plans to support additional languages in the coming months. The Whiteboard app for Windows 10 will be available in the Windows Store shortly.