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Qualcomm is partnering with AMD to power a new line of Always Connected laptops

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At Qualcomm’s conference on Tuesday, AMD’s corporate vice president and GM Kevin Lensing made a surprise guest appearance, announcing that the two companies were working together to power a new line of HP and Asus PCs, powered by Snapdragon 835. The Always Connected PCs are powered by gigabit LTE, to stay connected without relying on Wi-Fi.

AMD has had a lot of new releases this year, including the launch of the flagship desktop AMD Ryzen ThreadRipper in the summer and the Ryzen mobile chips with integrated Radeon Vega graphics launched in October. But the partnership with Qualcomm can be seen as the next big move for AMD, and a way for the semiconductor to challenge Intel.

Lensing didn’t give many details on what AMD’s work on the new PCs will entail, but Qualcomm’s conference will last all week, and more information may come out in the coming days.