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ClassPass will let you live stream fitness classes at home for $15 a month

ClassPass will let you live stream fitness classes at home for $15 a month

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The boutique fitness class subscription service ClassPass will soon offer a more budget-friendly option after routine price hikes. The company announced today that it'll launch a new service called ClassPass Live in 2018. Instead of attending classes in-person, subscribers will be able to live stream workouts that are produced in-house at the company's Brooklyn-based studios. They can watch live or stream later from their TV, browser, smartphone, or tablet. The service will only be available in the US at first.

It'll cost $10 a month for existing members and $15 a month for new members. A $60 starter kit fee includes a heart rate monitor and Google Chromecast. ClassPass founder Payal Kadakia tells Business Insider that the first classes will involve heart rate training, and that, of course, the shipped heart rate monitors will evaluate a wearer's workout.

The whole concept hits on the at-home workout trend built around a popular fitness company called Peloton. That company allows users to participate in live cycling classes from home with a branded, internet-connected bike. However, Peloton is notably more expensive than what ClassPass is offering. A Peloton bike costs $1,995, and cycling shoes can cost at least $100. Oh, and the actual classes cost $39 a month. ClassPass Live sounds more like YouTube workouts, which are free. BuzzFeed actually made a list of the best workout channels a couple years ago. 

Will users pay up to $15 a month to work out with ClassPass instructors at home? Sure, probably. The allure of these classes is often the instructor, as well as the ClassPass name. Honestly, any service that helps avoid having to make in-person class reservation has a shot at succeeding, especially in major cities.