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Here’s where Verizon store net neutrality protests are happening tomorrow

Verizon stock new logo 2017 Photo: Chris Welch / The Verge

Ahead of next week’s FCC vote on a rollback of net neutrality protections, activist groups have planned protests at Verizon stores tomorrow. The groups are relying on locals to organize those protests, which means there are plans to hold them at retail stores around the country.

For potential attendees, the groups have released an interactive, searchable map, which also includes events at lawmakers’ offices. Protestors can look up their zip codes to find the planned events closest to them. “These protests will be quick, fun, and 100% legal,” the activists say.

While the turnout will largely depend on the area — one New York City protest has more than 700 RSVPs, while most have just a handful — the groups are attempting to give the protests some uniformity by releasing a guide for local planners and asking organizers to “try to undertake the activities,” like calling lawmakers and making short speeches about net neutrality. Protestors will also rally online with the hashtag #StopTheFCC.