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The top GIFs of 2017 are a knitting gnome and the blinking white guy

The top GIFs of 2017 are a knitting gnome and the blinking white guy


Also: waving pugs, Nicole Kidman clapping, and a lot of dancing

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It's nearing the end of the year, which means more End of Year lists. Today is perhaps the most important, with GIPHY's list showcasing the most popular GIFs of the year. In a year rife with sad, frustrating, and depressing news, it's heartwarming to know that the most used GIF of 2017 was Brooklyn artist Anna Hrachovec's super cute Love Gnome. The GIF shows a looping crocheted gnome knitting a love heart that flies into the air and straight to #1 (and our hearts) with 340 million views.

Coming in second is a reaction GIF we can all relate to: White Guy Blinking, which generated 226 million views. Used extensively across Twitter and Facebook, this GIF essentially became the embodiment of mild, polite disbelief. There’s even a Game of Thrones version, courtesy of Littlefinger.

Pugs are arguably the Internet's favorite breed of dog, and this waving pug taken from DNCE's music video for the song Kissing Strangers, came in third with 215 million views. Everyone needs this kind of unbridled cuteness in their lives.

Rounding out the top 25 were pop culture GIFs like Bryan Cranston dropping the F-bomb in Why Him? (at #9), Gal Gadot in her Wonder Woman getup doing a happy dance (#10), the ubiquitous think meme which is actually from the BBC's #HoodDocumentary (#17), and a few of the Stranger Things kids also dancing (#18). Some of 2017's most memorable moments (the good and bad) also made it to the list including; Rafael Nadal winning his third US Open championship after bouncing back from injuries (#20), Trump watching the eclipse sans protective eyewear (#22), Lady Gaga's Super Bowl jump (#24), and Nicole Kidman's interesting style of clapping (#25).