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VSCO's new Messages feature competes with Instagram DMs

VSCO's new Messages feature competes with Instagram DMs

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Photo editing and sharing platform VSCO has announced the launch of private messages in an effort to encourage people to interact with each other on its network. As the company describes it, users can "exchange editing tips and tricks, share compelling profiles and published content, and receive creative feedback from peers." Anyone you follow on VSCO can message you. The feature will first roll out to VSCO X paying members and will come to free users in the coming weeks.

The feature works like any other messaging service, but is particularly similar to Instagram. Users can forward images they see in their feed by tapping an arrow icon, just like they can on Instagram. A private conversation is then started. It's unclear whether you can have a group message thread, and VSCO doesn't mention the idea on any of its FAQ pages.

Messages have become an essential part of Instagram, as demonstrated by the fact that company told The Verge today that it's testing a standalone messaging app. Clearly VSCO recognizes that users want a place to privately talk, and keeping them within its own platform makes the most sense for the company’s audience.