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Watch the unhinged new trailer for Kojima and del Toro's Death Stranding

Watch the unhinged new trailer for Kojima and del Toro's Death Stranding

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Death Stranding is still here, and it's still weird. Metal Gear Solid director Hideo Kojima and Guillermo del Toro were at The Game Awards tonight to provide another look at their new PS4 collaboration starring Norman Reedus and Mads Mikkelsen, further confirming that... well, not really confirming anything at all about the game itself. But there is a new trailer, and here it is.

The vibe is kind of Alien-esque sci-fi horror by way of Junji Ito manga, seeing disturbing and inexplicable things happen to some guys in atmospheric suits with vial-encased babies attached to the front. The squad is haunted by invisible monsters and spooky levitating apparitions. At one point Reedus sinks to the bottom of a lake that appears out of nowhere and looks up to see a giant bug skate across or above the surface. Later, the perspective shoots down his throat to reveal a baby sucking its thumb at the camera. Look, you should probably just watch the trailer.

Kojima and Death Stranding are becoming an annual fixture at The Game Awards. In 2015, the director didn't show up to accept trophies for Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain, but host Geoff Keighley revealed that former publisher Konami was blocking him from attending. And last year, the newly liberated Kojima showed up with another surreal trailer for Death Stranding in tow. Maybe next year we'll get a release date, or some idea of what the game actually is — this year's showing is likely to spark a lot more interest.