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Watch the first trailer for PUBG’s new Miramar desert map

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The 1.0 update launches on December 20th

Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds developer PUBG Corp, the new spinoff company in charge of the battle royale-style PC hit, this week revealed the name of its much anticipated new desert map, Miramar. The map will be the second new environment for the 100-person free-for-all deathmatch title since its March launch on Steam’s “early access” platform. We’ve known about Miramar for quite some time, as the game’s titular lead designer Brendan Greene has teased it numerous times over the months.

But at the Game Awards show this evening, viewers got the first real, in-depth look in an official trailer. We also got a December 20th release date for the map alongside the game’s 1.0 update, which will see it exit “early access” and bring much-needed additions like vaulting along with graphical improvements and other changes.

The new map differs from the current sole alpha map, Erangel, in some key ways. It contains some denser urban areas, including a massive city far larger than anything the game has offered thus far. But those areas are few and far between, with Miramar favoring wider and more open desert expanses and more intricate, condensed skirmish areas filling the space between the large-scale cities. (There is, however, still a military base, which should appease fans of that particularly deadly drop spot.)

Image: PUBG Corp

Greene also confirmed on Twitter that the new map will come with some additional exclusive items, including new weapons and an all-new off-road truck and jet ski: