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Vergecast: ARM-powered PCs, Amazon vs. Google, and CryptoKitties

Vergecast: ARM-powered PCs, Amazon vs. Google, and CryptoKitties


An audio run through tech news this week

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Photo by James Bareham / The Verge

This week, Dieter Bohn runs the show with Paul Miller and Natt Garun, and it's been a wild week of news. Amazon and Google are basically feuding right now: Google is pulling YouTube from the FireTV so the podcast trio ponders what this frightening predicament means for the streaming and the open web. Also, Microsoft launched some ARM-powered Windows 10 PCs, so you bet these tech luminaries are going to talk about it.

There’s lots more in between that, like Paul’s weekly segment (say it with me) “Color me surprised,” so listen to it all and you’ll get it all.

05:00 - Microsoft launches ARM-powered Windows 10 PCs with ‘all-day’ battery life

17:44 - Qualcomm announces the Snapdragon 845 processor

22:40 - How Messenger Kids takes more from families than it gives them

30:17 - Google and Amazon are punishing their own customers in a bitter feud

40:27 - DeepMind’s AI became a superhuman chess player in a few hours, just for fun

44:21 - Major airlines are about to ban ‘smart luggage’

49:45 - Paul’s weekly segment “Color me surprised

52:06 - Instagram is testing Direct, a standalone messaging app that replaces the current inbox

54:57 - Apple's had a shockingly bad week of software problems

1:00:22 - Bitcoin hits $15,000

1:04:01 - CryptoKitties

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