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Windows 10 devices including foldables to become the next battleground for OEMs and Silcon companies?


With the release of ARM64 architecture coming to Windows 10 devices and form factors. This opens the door for silicon companies like , Qualcomm, Samsung, NVidia, Mediatek to come join the fray of competing against Intel, We know that 64 bit emulation is coming soon to Windows 10 ARM ( with some limitations, possibility with 4GB RAM limit)

Why Microsoft could very well revive the Courier in 2018

In term of Andromeda courier device coming out in late 2018. I think it's likely that there will be PC OEMs lining up for Andromeda foldable clones from the likes of HP, Lenovo, Dell, Asus, Acer etc, since this is basically a way to get into the Mobile market. I also do think that silicon companies and OEMs know that Android has matured and the battle is essentially over in the regard, with Qualcomm and Samsung with the dominate players in Android. With Andromeda, we could see Microsoft breaking the duopoly by providing OEMs choice in OS beyond Android as we know, that there is a strong market for Foldable 3 in 1 PCs running Windows 10 so OEMs probably won't be as concerned about it. I also think that OEMs and Silicon companies will move to this area including Intel, AMD, NVidia, Mediatek etc to gain a foothold in this Windows foldable market.

In my opinion if Samsung makes a Windows foldable device, that is when you know that Microsoft has potential and will see more OEMs join.