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Pikachu absolutely eviscerates Mimikyu in freestyle rap battle

Pikachu absolutely eviscerates Mimikyu in freestyle rap battle


Eminem WHO?

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The world’s first pokémon rap battle was gifted unto us today in a promo video for the new Pokémon Ultra Sun and Moon. While it’s difficult to parse exactly what devastating burns are being exchanged, because they’re rapping in Japanese / pokémon language, it’s clear that MC Mimikyu suffered a humiliating loss against crowd-favorite MC Pikachu. It’s another trauma to add to Mimikyu’s tragic backstory of dressing up as Pikachu, because it, too, wants to be a beloved icon.

The video features the original Pikachu voice actress Ikue Ōtani, with Mimikyu voiced by actual Japanese rapper Dotama, accompanied with beats by DJ LIBRO.

Pokémon Japan was kind enough to transcribe the rap battle in full under the video, and it’s mostly this:

<ミミッキュ> グガガガグガ グガッ ギゴゴゴギゴ ギゴッ グガガガグガ グガッ グガッ ギギ ギギ ギギ ギギ ギギ ギギ ギギ グガガガ グガガガ

<Mimikyu> Gagagagagguuga guggogogogogogo giggagguagiguggu guggaggaggi gigi gigi gigi gigi gigi gigaga gaga gaga gaga gaga

<ピカチュウ> ピカッチュウ ピィカ ピカピカチュウ ピピカァ ピカッチュウ ピカァ ピカァ ピィピカチュウ ピピカチュウ ピカピカピカチュウ

<Pikachu> Pikachu pika pika pika pika pikachu pika pika pie pikachu pikachu shiny pikachu

I knew when Pikachu spit those fire verses like “Pika pika” and “Pikapikapika,” it was all over for Mimikyu.

It is truly inspiring how quickly Pikachu learned to freestyle after only learning to speak just a few weeks ago. Being able to talk has opened up so many doors for Pikachu career-wise, from starring as a detective in his own live-action movie to his latest gig as an Alexa voice assistant. It’s a really embarrassing defeat for Mimikyu, and hopefully, it’ll take this L as a wake-up call to do better for its next battle, which I’m praying happens soon.