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New trailers: Black Mirror, Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom, and more

New trailers: Black Mirror, Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom, and more

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Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom still
Image: Universal Studios

I've never really been able to do the whole laughing at bad movies thing. I realize this is a little bit like saying "I don't enjoy fun," but I don't know, I've mostly just found the movies to be bad in a boring kind of way.

Point is, I'm not a huge fan of The Room. But I went to see The Disaster Artist anyway last week because it looked too fun to pass up. It really is a nice movie — and I think it succeeds largely thanks to one very smart decision: it never looks down on Tommy Wiseau. Even when Wiseau is being unreasonable and kind of a jerk, he's still made out to be worthy of admiration for putting himself out there in order to live his dream.

It's a nice message, and it really starts with scene one. James Franco opens the movie on Wiseau writhing around a stage floor in a bewildering bit of acting. The audience knows it’s bad, but the camera makes him look like a hero, the only one in the room willing to really go for it. Ultimately, I wish the movie revealed more about him, but the core choice of how to frame Wiseau makes the whole thing a joy to watch.

Check out nine trailers from this week below.

Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom

The new Jurassic World seems to have done at least one thing very right: it brings back Jeff Goldblum. And the team behind the movie seems to know just how right that move was, as this trailer is centered around Goldblum's voiceover. The rest of it shows a lot of dinosaurs and people making bad decisions. The movie comes out June 22nd. 

Black Mirror

Netflix put out a full trailer for Black Mirror's fourth season this week, and it shows another series of cleanly, creepily shot near-futures and a lot of people looking sad and scared as it all inevitably goes awry. The new episodes come out December 29th.

Doctor Who Christmas Special

The BBC put out another look at this year's Doctor Who Christmas Special this week. And while it isn't all that revealing — clocking in at a brief 30 seconds long — it's nevertheless an exciting moment for Doctor Who fans, as it'll be the end of Peter Capaldi's stint in the role and the handoff to Jodie Whittaker, who'll be the first woman to play the Doctor. Naturally, it airs on Christmas.

Altered Carbon

Netflix's next big series is Altered Carbon, and this first look at it is pretty intriguing. The show takes place in a world where human consciousness can be transferred into a new body instead of dying, and the first season follows a soldier trying to solve an attempted murder. The book it's all based on was a big hit, so expect to hear more about this one in the coming months. The series comes out February 2nd.


Renowned documentary filmmaker Errol Morris is back with Wormwood, a very cool, very scary looking film about the CIA's infamous mind control program and the mysterious death of one man wrapped up in it. Real crime stories are super popular right now, and this seems like it could be one of the most fascinating stories Netflix has picked up yet. The film comes out December 15th.

You Were Never Really Here

My favorite shot in this trailer is of a jelly bean. It's so simple, but it gets across so much: it's slow, splintering, and oddly disturbing. The film, from director Lynne Ramsay, is about a war vet who seems to be a hitman who goes after men trafficking young girls. The film has great reviews so far, and it looks super creepy. It comes out April 6th.

7 Days in Entebbe

After spending a couple years working on Narcos, the director of the RoboCop reboot is back with a new film about the 1976 hostage crisis in Uganda, which began with a plane hijacking and ended with a largely successful Israeli rescue mission. The film seems to have a sort of an energetic heist movie vibe that's a lot less serious than the actual events might call for, but I suppose that makes for a much more fun movie. It comes out sometime in March.

Jack Ryan

Amazon released a short and sweet first look at its take on Jack Ryan, the Tom Clancy character who appeared in The Hunt for Red October, Patriot Games, and a number of other big films. Notably, it is not the character Jack Reacher, who I assumed was the same until halfway through writing this blurb. Anyway, the show stars John Krasinski. I'm still not sure he can pull off this action-star reinvention, but I guess enough casting directors believe it. The show comes out at some point next year.

Alita: Battle Angel

I have never wanted something to end faster than this trailer.