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You can now let a prospective buyer know that you accept Bitcoin on Craigslist

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Sell your couch with cryptocurrency

Illustration by Alex Castro / The Verge

Next time you have something to sell on Craigslist, you can let your prospective buyers know that they can pay using Bitcoin or another cryptocurrencies.

Blockexplorer News spotted the feature (via Engadget and Business Insider): sellers can now check a box that says “cryptocurrency okay” when you submit your posting.

Cryptocurrencies are becoming a part of the larger financial system, so it makes sense that platforms like Craigslist might want to provide it as an option for its users. The site already doesn’t take payment and doesn’t vet buyers or sellers, so the anonymous nature of the digital currency feels like it could be a good fit for the site. Plus, the instantaneous, peer-to-peer design of Bitcoin and others could provide some level of trust between seller and buyer.

It could be an easier way to add to your wallet than retweeting a Tweet in hopes of having someone gifting one to you, but on the other hand, the fluctuating value of the currency could mean problems when it comes time to pay up. On the