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Jessica Jones’ second season gets its first teaser

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Season 2 begins on March 8th, 2018

When we last saw Jessica Jones in Netflix’s The Defenders, she escaped from the destruction of Midland Circle along with Luke Cage and Danny Rand, who all look to move on with their lives after stopping The Hand. Netflix debuted the first trailer for the next season of Marvel’s Jessica Jones, showing that while Jones is trying to move on, her past is catching up to her.

In the teaser, we see that Jones is back to working as a private investigator, musing that people have their secrets, or at least someone else’s. It seems that there’s still some surprises in her past: her friend Trish telling her that knowing what was done to her might be helpful. Jones isn’t sold on the idea, asking “what if facing it makes me worse?” Along the way, there’s plenty of punching, drinking, and sarcasm.

The teaser also revealed a release date for the acclaimed show: it will begin streaming on March 8th, 2018. When it does, each episode will be directed by a woman.