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Touchscreen gestures in Windows 10


I recently purchased a Surface Book 2. I like it a LOT, and wile I was initially reluctant to move from Mac to Windows, I've found the transition to be a lot more smooth than I'd anticipated.

I love detaching the screen and using it in other positions, but I'm incredibly frustrated that gestures that work on the trackpad, like a four finger swipe to switch desktops, or a three finger swipe to switch apps, don't work on the screen as well. Swiping in from the side to see all open apps is fine, but what if I want to quickly switch between apps? The lack of support for this seems baffling, as clearly Microsoft is aware people want to do this and have provided the ability with the trackpad.

Is there are reason we don't have better touchscreen gestures with Windows 10? Is there an app that can let me set my own gestures?