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Nintendo’s Super Bowl Switch commercial shows the many ways you can play Zelda

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A first for Nintendo

A deluge of new commercials are releasing in the lead up to Super Bowl LI, and Nintendo is taking the opportunity to increase the marketing push for its forthcoming Switch console. The new commercial shows off a variety of titles for the tablet-powered console, but more importantly showcases the myriad of ways you can play Switch games.

There’s a family boxing in their living room, a lazy afternoon spent playing Zelda on the couch, friends squaring off in Street Fighter at a laundromat, Splatoon tournaments squeezed in between college classes, and a Wild West duel in a sunny park. The commercial does a surprisingly good job of explaining the relatively complex device in a short time.

Nintendo says that the Super Bowl ad is a first for the company, and that it will air during the fourth quarter of the game. The televised version is below, while an extended can can be watched above. The Switch itself is launching very soon — it’ll be available on March 3rd for $299.