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Kickstarter acquires its live video streaming partner Huzza

Kickstarter acquires its live video streaming partner Huzza


It’s also opening its first international office location

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Kickstarter has acquired Huzza, a Vancouver-based video streaming company. The two previously partnered last fall to launch Kickstarter Live, a feature that allows campaign creators to host live broadcasts for backer Q&As, product demos, or countdowns to the end of a crowdfunding project.

While terms of the deal were not disclosed, it’s clear that the partnership worked well enough for Kickstarter to begin integrating Huzza’s video technology directly within its website. According to Kickstarter, campaigns that used the live video feature had a 74 percent success rate — doubled the rate of the average campaign.

That’s obviously not a surprising number — most crowdfunding projects should be backed with a healthy dose of careful consideration and seeing a live demo helps potential backers make their decision. Just two weeks ago, Kickstarter suspended the campaign for Adoptly, a Tinder-for-adoption app that appeared indistinguishable from parody. This week, the folks behind Adoptly admitted the whole thing was an “art project.”

Kickstarter plans to announce more developments over the next few weeks as it sets roots in Canada with a new Vancouver office, the company’s first international base. Huzza will sunset its service by the end of the month to focus on building out Kickstarter Live.