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OnePlus 3T available again with 128GB of storage

OnePlus 3T available again with 128GB of storage

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OnePlus 3T
Photo by Amelia Holowaty Krales / The Verge

The OnePlus 3T is one of the best “budget” phones around — just see our review — and now the phone’s high-end configuration, with 128GB of storage, is coming back into stock after a long stretch of intermittent availability.

OnePlus announced on Google+ this morning that the 128GB configuration is available for “preorder,” but if you go to the company’s website, it actually says that purchases of the phone will ship within eight days.

$40 is pretty cheap to double storage

The 128GB model sells for $479, only $40 more than the baseline model, which has half as much storage. Either capacity is probably plenty for most people, but anyone who’s intent on shooting 4K video will definitely be interested in the additional space.

OnePlus is only offering the 128GB model in gray — the 64GB model is available in both gray and gold. Maybe that limitation will help OnePlus keep the configuration in stock; it began selling the 128GB model when the phone launched in November, but it’s largely been unavailable since then.

This announcement seems to suggest that OnePlus will do a better job keeping phones on hand from here out, but the company isn’t promising anything. “However, where we will always try to have stock of everything, this stock is not unlimited,” Laura Watts, a OnePlus spokesperson, told The Verge.

Update and correction February 10th, 12:31PM ET: This post initially stated that the OnePlus 3T was only now becoming available in its 128GB configuration, however it had in fact been occasionally available since launch. OnePlus suggested otherwise in its initial announcement, but clarified the situation in response to an email.