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Android Wear 2.0, Vizio gets caught, and more on this week's Vergecast

Android Wear 2.0, Vizio gets caught, and more on this week's Vergecast


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This week on Vergecast, we’re in our new office! But our studios aren’t ready yet! So Nilay and Paul set up in a conference room and Skype with Dieter to share what they learned in the tech world over the past seven days. We even recorded it for you!

Here it is.

01:54 - Android Wear 2.0

14:52 - Google Assistant on phone and smart home

27:02 - Apple's Ultra Accessory Connector dashes any hopes of a USB-C iPhone

32:08 - Fidget cube

33:56 - Most smart TVs are tracking you — Vizio just got caught

43:52 - Paul’s weekly segment “Please don’t talk to me, can’t you see I’m busy?

47:13 - Neckbuds

51:30 - The Nintendo Switch is missing a golden tablet opportunity

57:16 - Lightning round

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