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New trailers: emotional Arnold Schwarzenegger, Lego ninjas, and more

New trailers: emotional Arnold Schwarzenegger, Lego ninjas, and more


11 new trailers to watch this weekend

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Iron Fist production still
Patrick Harbron / Netflix

I love movies that take place in pretty much a single location. There's something really wonderful about watching a director make use of a limited space and budget and creating a compelling world out of something far more limited than what you see in a typical movie.

The latest I watched was Queen of Earth (it’s on Netflix), which is about the friendship of two women (and the devolving sanity of one of them) during an escape to a lake house. The single location does so much to convey the feeling of being trapped together that both women are experiencing to the point that it's actually kind of wearing — though clearly effective.

Check out 11 trailers from this week below.

The Lego Ninjago Movie

This first trailer for The Lego Ninjago Movie is out, and, along with teaching us all how "Ninjago" is pronounced, it shows that the film is taking the same goofy, self-aware, and very fun attitude that the original Lego Movie used to such great success. It comes out September 22nd.

Iron Fist

Marvel's fourth superhero series for Netflix is almost here, and after months of teasing, we finally have a full-length trailer for it. The story of a rich white dude becoming an uber-zen martial arts master looks like it could play a little weird — see: memes — but the show also looks like it's staying kind of lighthearted about it all, too. Iron Fist is out March 17th.

The Beguiled

Sofia Coppola has put together a dream team of actresses — Nicole Kidman, Kirsten Dunst, and Elle Fanning — for The Beguiled, a period piece about how a Southern all-female boarding school reacts when a Union soldier (played by Colin Farrell) shows up. I'm obviously going to be there on opening night (June 23rd).

Dear White People

Dear White People was one of the sharpest movies of 2014, with biting satire, wonderful characters, and a strong directorial voice. Now it's coming back as a Netflix series, and while this first teaser doesn't get too deep into it, it looks like nothing's been held back in the transition from big to small screen. The first season premieres April 28th.


The new Jake Gyllenhaal / Ryan Reynolds sci-fi movie Life looks like a mashup of a lot of the best movie sci-fi plots out there, and you know what? That might be totally fine. The film comes out March 24th.

The Circle

There's now a full trailer out for The Circle, an adaption of Dave Eggers' novel about a Google-like tech behemoth with a network of drones, cameras, and social apps that lets it see just about everything in everyone’s lives. The film looks like it could be a pretty spot-on satire of the modern tech industry — perhaps even uncomfortably so. It comes out April 28th.

Samurai Jack

After more than a decade away, Cartoon Network is bringing back Samurai Jack for a fifth and final season. Its first trailer came out this week, and the animation looks every bit as strange and gorgeous as you might remember. The 10-episode season starts March 11th.

A Fantastic Woman

A Fantastic Woman is one of the more intriguing titles headed to The Berlin International Film Festival next week. It's about a trans woman haunted by the death of her significant other and harassed by his family after his passing. It looks emotional, tense, scary, and just all around beautifully shot. There's no word yet on distribution.


With Arnold Schwarzenegger as its star, you're probably expecting Aftermath to be some crazy, wild action film. But, surprisingly, it's really really not. Schwarzenegger plays a father who's torn up after the death of his wife and daughter and, from the looks of it, mostly just spends a lot of time being emotional. There’s something about revenge too, but the trailer doesn’t spend quite as much time on that. The film comes out April 7th.

It Comes At Night

When a horror trailer can scare you without actually showing anything, it's a pretty good sign that you're in for something scary. It Comes At Night is from the studio behind The Witch, and from just the first 30 seconds of this trailer, it has me hooked. It comes out August 25th.

Stranger Things

In case you weren't watching the Super Bowl last weekend... or on the internet at all... here's the teaser for Stranger Things season two. It's excellent — and it does everything it needs to do to remind us why this show is so beloved in the first place. Now we've just gotta wait eight months.