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Board Shorts Thor is the movie Marvel needs to make next

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Thor and his put-upon roommate Darryl are back in a new short that needs to be a movie, Thor Ragnarok be damned. In “Team Thor, Part 2,” which comes on the Doctor Strange Blu-ray, we see Thor, on a mountain bike, wearing board shorts and a cape, paying his and Darryl’s rent with a pumpkin and Asgardian coins. Said coins are actually worthless in Australia, but that doesn’t stop things from spiraling a little bit out of control.

Darryl made his first appearance last year in a short explaining just what Thor was up to during Captain America: Civil War. Turns out, he moved into a flat and just started living his best life. The original, directed by Ragnarok director Taika Waititi, was similarly silly and light. Frankly, the Marvel Cinematic Universe needs more of this.