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The wearable version of Simon takes inspiration from a VR headset

The wearable version of Simon takes inspiration from a VR headset


But it’s not actually VR, AR, or anything super advanced

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Some classic board games should remain classic. Others, like the four-colored memory game Simon, continue to adapt to the modern era. As uncovered by Gizmodo, last year Simon unveiled a hands-free version of the game with Simon Air, which lets you hover your hand around a device to select a color. Now there’s a wearable version that looks a lot like a virtual reality headset.

Even though the Simon Optix might look like a VR headset, it’s not as advanced as it appears. The visor simply glows in the color it wants you to pick in various directions, and you hover your hand across your face to pick those colors in the order instructed. The headset comes with motion sensors to recognize where your hands are, and uses infrared signals to pair with a second headset for multiplayer play. Because it does not use Bluetooth or Wi-Fi, this means you’ll need to stand fairly close to your opponent and do your best not to accidentally slap each other while flopping your hands around near each other’s faces.

The new user experience design probably won’t do much to make Simon any more competitive than previous versions, but it might be successful at passing pink eye around at a birthday party. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

Pricing and availability are not yet revealed, but we’ll find out more at the annual Toy Fair in New York City this weekend.