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Audible is releasing an audiobook version of a Twin Peaks spinoff novel

twin peaks

If you can’t wait until the end of May to watch the Twin Peaks revival, maybe you can wait until the beginning of May to listen to this Twin Peaks audiobook? Just an idea. On May 2nd, Audible will release an audiobook version of The Secret Life of Laura Palmer, a novel written in 1990 by David Lynch’s daughter, Jennifer Lynch, Indiewire reports. Sheryl Lee, who plays Laura Palmer in the series, will narrate.

The book is written in diary form, chronicling Laura’s (fictional) teen years from the ages of 12 to 17. As someone who has seen the horrifying Twin Peaks prequel Fire Walk With Me, I doubt I’d want to read anything about Laura Palmer’s life leading up to her death, but Showtime’s long-awaited revival has reinvigorated interest in anything Twin Peaks-related.

The audiobook is just about seven hours long and costs $19.95. Unfortunately, you already know how it ends.