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Twitterrific is trying to crowdfund a comeback on Mac

Twitterrific is trying to crowdfund a comeback on Mac


But it has a long, uphill battle ahead of it

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The developers of Twitterrific — one of the oldest third-party Twitter apps around — have launched a Kickstarter campaign to fund a “reboot of Twitterrific for Mac.”

Twitterrific for Mac was first released back in 2007, but as Twitter began to limit third-party developers’ abilities, Twitterrific for Mac fell to the wayside. Developer Iconfactory focused its attention on the more popular iOS version; the last time Twitterrific for Mac received an update was December 2nd, 2013.

The new application is being developed under the codename Project Phoenix (because Twitterrific’s logo is a colorful blue bird named Ollie and phoenixes are birds that come back to life and okay you get it). The goal is not at have feature parity with the iOS version, at least not at first, since the team is essentially rebuilding the application from scratch, although they hope to get there in time. Instead, Project Phoenix is focused on shipping a more minimal app.

How minimal, you ask? Well, a bunch of features are currently listed as stretch goals, including DMs, Twitter search, inline media previews, conversations and threads, and the ability to view user profiles. These are pretty major things to leave out of a modern-day Twitter application, especially one that plans to charge $20 for a copy in a world where the cheaper, $9.99 Tweetbot (that already does all those things) exists. Also of some concern is the fact that the company has yet to show off any concepts or mockups of what the app might look like.

The company hopes to raise $75,000 to develop the new Twitter client, with a pledge of $15 netting you a copy of the finished app, which Iconfactory hopes to deliver around August of this year.