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Comcast’s Xfinity Stream app offers subscribers live TV and DVR content on the go

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The app will replace Xfinity TV when it lands on February 28th

Comcast is launching a new app called Xfinity Stream which will be available to all Xfinity subscribers for free on February 28th. The app is an overhaul of the Xfinity TV app and will be replacing it as the tool for subscribers to access live channels, DVR content, and on-demand titles on the go.

Most notably, Xfinity Stream will provide access more than 200 live channels from anywhere you have internet. Networks include ESPN, Fox Sports, NBC Sports, CNN, BBC World News, and The Disney Channel, and about 50 more from Music Choice, which offers individual channels for very specific musical genres like “Toddler Tunes,” “Y2K,” and “Sounds of the Seasons.”

Additionally, Xfinity Stream will allow subscribers to record DVR content and watch them on a mobile device, switch on a Spanish guide, filter channels, search content by category, and find Common Sense media ratings for various programmings. It’s also designed to serve as the home for the company’s Stream TV service, which is expected to receive a rebranding when it launches nationwide later this year.

Xfinity Stream will arrive on both iOS and Android at the end of the month. If you already have the Xfinity TV app downloaded, it will update itself automatically come February 28th.