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Alto’s Adventure follow-up Where Cards Fall is coming this fall on iOS, Steam, and Apple TV

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Watch the new trailer

The creators of Where Cards Fall have been teasing their new game for quite some time, initially announcing the project nearly a year ago. The game is a collaboration between Alto’s Adventure creator Snowman and new studio The Game Band, and today the developers have released a new trailer showcasing more of its solemn world. More importantly, we finally have details on when and where we’ll be able to play it: Where Cards Fall will be launching this fall on iPhone, iPad, Apple TV, Mac, and Steam.

Where Cards Fall takes place in a suburban-like world where structures like homes and buildings are literally made of cards. The game will have players building and collapsing these structures in order to solve puzzles, navigate obstacles, and explore further. “Most of our puzzles ask players to resize and combine houses in interesting ways, affecting their interiors and exteriors alike,” explains Game Band creative director Sam Rosenthal. The new trailer provides a brief glimpse at how this will work, with the main character climbing cafes and houses made of cards to reach new areas.

Fall might seem like a long ways away, but there’s plenty more in the works from the Alto’s Adventure team. In addition to working on a follow-up to the serene snowboarding game, Snowman is also collaborating on a new skateboarding game dubbed Skate City, and publishing a beautiful platformer called Distant.