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Google adds Barbara Bush’s taco recipe and other presidential artifacts to online collection

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Expanded collection dives into the personal histories of US presidents

Google this week released a new collection of presidential photos, documents, and other artifacts, as part of its online American Democracy collection. In a blog post published Wednesday, Google Arts and Culture said it has added more than 20,000 items to its online collection, as part of a partnership with more than 30 cultural institutions.

The collection includes digitized portraits and documents from every president in US history, as well as more personal artifacts such as a copy of Barbara Bush’s favorite taco recipe and images from Thomas Jefferson’s childhood. There are also 25 presidential portraits that can be viewed through Google’s high-resolution Art Camera, which allows users to zoom in on the individual brushstrokes of each painting. Other sections are devoted to White House pets and presidential transportation.

In addition to the digitized artifacts, Google has released 17 new 360-degree tours of various historical sites, which can be viewed through the Google Arts and Culture App and Google Cardboard. You can also use Google Expeditions to take a guided tour of the White House, just in time for Presidents’ Day.