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EatMessage is an iMessage game you play by catching virtual fruit in your mouth


iMessage apps launched with such promise; they were supposed to change the future of how we interact with one another. All I’ve done with them is play with Dami’s sticker app and send my friends Yelp recommendations, but some Finnish developers think iMessage apps might be more enticing if only a game that combined AR and selfies existed. Behold EatMessage, an app that turns your face into a controller so you send your friends selfies of you doing strange things with your mouth. It even rips off some of Snapchat’s face-distorting lenses to make it feel like a similar experience to one you already know well.

There are two modes on EatMessage: dodging and eating. The dodging feature involves moving away from items like dice, light bulbs, and a wrench. The eating aspect involves opening your mouth and trying to catch fruit. The game really only gets tricky when you combine both types of items in one basket, thereby forcing your opponent to think fast.

My Verge pal Lizzie Plaugic and I tried the game out and failed miserably.

Huh. Would Lizzie and I partake in a game of EatMessage again? Probably not, although I do like these selfies. Ugh I’m such a millennial. If you want to give it a go, here’s where to download it.