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AT&T is also offering a new unlimited plan, but it's the worst yet

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Peer pressure works, everyone!

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AT&T announced that it’ll be offering a new unlimited data plan starting tomorrow, following in the footsteps of its competitors Verizon, T-Mobile, and Sprint, who all announced new plans with unlimited data earlier this week.

The new AT&T Unlimited Plan offers unlimited data, calls, and texting, and includes HD video (although AT&T’s Stream Saver, which reduces data used by forcing standard definition video, is turned on by default). The new unlimited plan starts at $100 for the first line, which makes it the most expensive of all the carriers. Additional lines cost $40 each, with the fourth line free. Like the other carriers, the new plan has a soft cap on data — 22GB in AT&T’s case, the same as Verizon — after which customers are subject to their data being deprioritized when towers get congested.

Also, while Verizon, T-Mobile, and Sprint all offer 10GB of LTE tethering on their new unlimited plans, AT&T’s offering doesn’t include tethering at all, which is disappointing to see, especially as AT&T is charging a premium over competitors.

AT&T had previously offered an unlimited data plan that costs $100 per month for the first line, but it had only been available to existing DirecTV and U-verse customers — today’s announcement basically opens it up to everyone. The company also recently raised the price on any grandfathered-in unlimited plans back in January.