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How to defeat Trump’s handshake: a fist bump

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Just keep it away from your face

President Donald Trump has a hell of a handshake. The awkward grip-and-pull maneuver has gone viral since his meeting with Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, and it goes like this: Trump yanks the person’s arm toward him while batting their shoulder with his other hand. It’s a familiar power move to anyone who’s visited a bar on Wall Street during happy hour.

You can find a plethora of videos documenting this special move. I recommend the cute animated version. Poor little disoriented nub!

The Handshake

Posted by Anders Ryttar Visualisation on 15hb Februari 2017

Now that we’ve identified Trump’s go-to move, how do we defeat it? YouTube channel Useless Duck Company has an answer. In a video spotted by Tastefully Offensive, Useless Duck Company first builds a Trump handshake robot with which to train. Once activated, the bot will randomly yank within a five-second time window. “This is important, as with Trump, you never actually know when he’s going to pull your arm,” host and UDC CEO Mike explains.

Mike tries a few different methods here (a hand on the bot’s shoulder, rubbing its chest, squeezing really hard) but nothing seems to work. Mike theorizes that Trump is actually not very good at handshakes, and suggests a fist bump instead.

“This feels really nice!” he concludes. “I think we solved the problem.”