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Trump tweets align perfectly with comic book supervillain dialogue

Trump tweets align perfectly with comic book supervillain dialogue


‘I’m not ranting and raving!’

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For as long as Donald Trump has been on Twitter, he’s been known for his outlandish statements and rhetoric. His words have been mocked and parodied in a number of places, like Saturday Night Live and by voiceover actors like Mark Hamill and Billy West. It’s low-hanging fruit, to be sure, but a new Twitter parody account called Pres. Supervillain is now putting Trump’s words in the mouths of comic book villains.

The account, @presvillain, comes from D.M. Higgins, the mind behind Superdames Comics and comics such as Jill Trent, Science Sleuth. The account is incredibly simple: quotes from President Trump’s tweets are used in place of the original dialogue from the comics, along with a screencap of the source of the quote.

The mash-up is effective, and it doesn’t feel tonally out of place for Red Skull to parrot what the president is saying. Some of this comes down to the pithy remarks that he makes, while the content, when stripped of context and placed in a comic, feels appropriately cartoonish.

Because of the 140-character limit, most tweets are short enough to fit into speech bubbles, while certain comic book panels make for easily memeable results — look no further than the panel of Batman slapping Robin for an endless stream of easily sharable snark.

This isn’t the first time that Trump has been compared to a supervillain: he made an appearance last year in Marvel’s Spider-Gwen #1 as MODAAK (Mental Organism Designed As America's King), has been parodied by artists, and has had cameo appearances for decades. While other presidents like Obama and Bush have made appearances in comics, Trump’s words seem to fit just a little bit better.