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Apple printed out giant tweets for its new iPad Pro ad campaign

iPad Pro vs. PC

Apple has released a new series of iPad Pro commercials comparing its newest tablet to PCs. In the ads, Apple uses real tweets from Twitter users who have been replaced by actors in the ads (at least one of the account owners was contacted before the ad went live). The commercials point out features like the lack of PC viruses, Microsoft Word, LTE support, and the Apple Pencil.

The four, 15-second ads harken back to Apple’s “Get a Mac” campaign from the early 2000s, which featured actor Justin Long and comedian John Hodgman as a Mac and PC, respectively. It’s some of the best ad work Apple has done in some time, so there’s probably a good chance this won’t be the last time the company employs the format. Check out the rest of the videos below.

Update: February 17th 2:00PM ET: Updated to note that one of the Twitter account owners used in the ad told The Verge that he was notified by Apple before the campaign went live.