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Thousands of self-driving Chevy Bolts could hit the road next year

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GM is planning to build thousands of self-driving Chevy Bolts starting next year. Many will be rolling out in test fleets for the ride-sharing service Lyft, which GM invested in last year, according to a report from Reuters.

The report says it would be the largest self-driving car test by a major automaker before 2020, with Lyft deploying an autonomous ride-sharing fleet in a number of states. GM has been testing its self-driving Bolts in a several areas, sharing video of a test car — code-named “Albatross” — driving through San Francisco earlier this month with Cruise Automation technology built in.

GM’s cars drove nearly 10,000 miles in California alone last year, a non-trivial amount, while Waymo / Google’s cars drove some 635,000 miles in the state in 2016, suggesting the Detroit-based carmaker has some ground to make up in the autonomous department. Nearly every car company is testing some form of autonomous technology, with tech firms like Waymo and Uber involved as well.

The Verge has reached out to GM and Lyft for comment.