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Nintendo’s Fire Emblem Heroes is now available in the US

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Photo by Nick Statt

Nintendo’s second major mobile game, Fire Emblem Heroes, is now available to download in the US for Android and iOS. Unlike Super Mario Run, Heroes is based on one of the company’s lesser-known franchises, and has a more in-depth gameplay style.

It’s essentially a turn-based strategy game, but it also connects to the wider Fire Emblem universe with a number of role-playing elements. It’s a freemium title, meaning you can play it without paying, but in-app purchases let you buy “orbs” (needed to summon new characters). And, like Super Mario Run you’ll need an active internet connection to play.

In our early hands-on with the game we thought it was surprisingly rich and as polished as you’d hope for a Nintendo title. But, we’ll have to play it with a bit more to find out how much depth it really offers. Stay tuned for a full review later.

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