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Final Fantasy is getting its own escape room game later this year

From the creators of Defenders of the Triforce

The fantastical realms of Final Fantasy will soon be a real-world escape room game. Today Square Enix announced a new partnership with Scrap, the same design studio behind the Legend of Zelda-themed “Defenders of the Triforce” game.

Called “Trials of Bahamut,” the new escape room is set in the world of the massively multiplayer online Final Fantasy XIV. Players will have to work together to prevent the return of the dragon Bahamut; few details on the game itself are available, but the collaborative experience will last 60 minutes.

Like “Triforce,” the FF escape room will be going on a multi-city tour this year, kicking off some time in the summer. So far only eight cities in the US have been announced, including LA, San Francisco, Seattle, Phoenix, Houston, Orlando, Chicago, and New York. No word yet on whether players can expect to see chocobos IRL.