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Google lets you specify recipe searches with suggested flavors and ingredients

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Sorry, that’s just my stomach rumbling

In an effort to help narrow down food recipe searches to get you away from the smartphone and into the kitchen, Google is updating its algorithm to help you find the exact recipe you need based on cooking method, flavors, and ingredients.

A search for “Thai curry,” for example, lets you specify whether you were looking for green or red curry, or with chicken or tofu. You can click multiple tabs to really nail down the recipe you want, such as “red curry” and “shrimp.”

You can also narrow the search down by relevant cooking mechanisms, such as “baked,” “fried,” or “broiled” in a search for chicken wings. The function seems available only on mobile devices for now, and as with most mobile search results, AMP articles are generally ranked higher up.

The advanced recipe search came just in time for Super Bowl Sunday for those prepping for a big day in the kitchen. If you’re looking to buy the Googled food item rather than make it yourself, however, you’ll probably want to add “delivery” or “restaurants” to the search query. Otherwise, you might be scrolling through a ton of cards until getting to what you actually need.