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T-Mobile’s Super Bowl commercial stars Justin Bieber, who is a terrible actor

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It’s cringeworthy, but I can’t stop watching

When it comes to Super Bowl commercials, T-Mobile seems to always be on point with casting musicians who live permanently on the radio (and thus, in our earholes). Last year, it capitalized on the crazed that was Drake and “Hotline Bling.” This year, we get Justin Bieber.

Make no mistake though, Bieber songs may have gotten catchier thus making him more likable to olds like myself, but that doesn’t necessarily make him a good actor. The ad, touting T-Mobile’s One plan, wants you to show off your celebratory dance moves. Bieber’s monotone narration could not sound less enthusiastic, and the whole concept is actually a bit ironic given how anti-celebratory dance the NFL can be.

Things are kind of made up at the end though when Bieber goes off on his own set of spasms that can only be described as “me AF.” Don’t pretend like your own dancing doesn’t look more or less like this.

Goddamnit. Where were you when you realized you were a Belieber?