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Snap is planning a ‘significantly’ bigger rollout of Spectacles

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Spectacles were one of the hottest gifts this holiday season — they were also one of the hardest to find, since Snap only sold them through a single store and a pop-up vending machine.

But sometime soon, it sounds like Spectacles will get much easier to find. In a filing with the SEC today, in which Snap detailed the state of its business ahead of going public, the company writes, “we plan to significantly broaden the distribution of Spectacles.”

Details beyond that are slim, but Snap notes that it plans “to make substantial investments” in marketing and distribution this year.

That suggests things are going well for Spectacles — or are, at least, encouraging for the company. So far, Snap says that the launch of Spectacles “has not generated significant revenue,” but that’s to be expected given the product’s extremely limited availability. Reception and demand appear to be a different story, however, which may be why Snap is planning a wider rollout.

Spectacles are Snap’s first hardware product and — ignoring some accessories like beach towels — its first real product aside from Snapchat. With major developers chasing after its key app, Snap’s ability to break into new areas may end up playing a big role in whether its initial success is sustainable.