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    LG’s G6 has a wide-angle dual camera for the perfect Instagram shot

    LG’s G6 has a wide-angle dual camera for the perfect Instagram shot

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    LG G6

    LG’s G6 smartphone will have two 13-megapixel cameras on its rear face, in addition to a camera on the front side, the company confirmed in a (Korean language) blog post today. The front camera has a 100-degree field of view, but the back two offer a 125-degree angle — with one camera working specifically to offer the wider view — allowing for wider images to fit inside a square 1:1 ratio for that all-important Instagram snap.

    The G6 won’t be LG’s first phone with two rear cameras — last year’s V20 had a 16MP lens alongside an 8MP shooter on its back side, similar to the G5 before it — but the wide-angle cameras on the G6 should be able to take advantage of the device’s unusually tall 18:9 display. The company also said the phone would come with a 360-degree panorama mode, as well as a food mode that boosts color saturation, and a square camera feature that splits the screen in two so you can see what you’ve just shot while you line up your next picture.

    LG has been slowly revealing features of its upcoming smartphone over the past few weeks, but the company’s waiting until later this month — February 26th, to be exact — to officially show it off at its own dedicated event during Mobile World Congress.