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Can this subreddit persuade you to eat an orange in the shower?

Can this subreddit persuade you to eat an orange in the shower?


All you need is a fruit and an open mind

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Imagine this: you’re in the shower, having a good scrub, enjoying the hot steam rising up around you. Pretty nice, right? Well now how bout this: you have an orange. The bathroom is still hot and steamy, but now you’re tearing open some citrus flesh with your teeth, the juice falling from your lips like you’re a little baby in a Tropicana commercial. You don’t get sticky. The evidence melts. If you’re on board with all this, may I suggest r/ShowerOrange? It’s a subreddit for people who enjoy eating oranges in the shower.

Recently spotted by BuzzFeed reporter Brad Esposito, r/ShowerOrange is a community of a little more than 8,000 people who are either already committed to the idea of the Shower Orange, or newcomers interested in trying it out. The subreddit was created about a year ago, inspired by a popular comment on an Ask Reddit thread about unconventional activities.

Seems good to me

The only r/ShowerOrange rules are no nudity and NO GRAPEFRUITS. Oranges, clementines, tangerines, and blood oranges are all listed as acceptable shower citrus. While lemons and limes are not strictly prohibited, I would say they seem like a poor choice. But you and I don’t share tastebuds.

The Shower Orange is an extension of the treatise of the Shower Beer. A food or drink item that is good when consumed outside the shower (and does not disintegrate when wet) will be even better when consumed within the shower. In this instance, the shower not only enhances the original fruit, but actually solves its inherent sticky problem.

Members of r/ShowerOrange say the activity has made them feel reborn, literally changed their lives, and destroyed their ability to enjoy an orange outside in the dry world. Men’s Health called the Shower Orange “the most completely healthy mind-body-soul activity a person can indulge.”

If you haven’t showered yet today, orange you glad you read this?