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Please don’t mod your car to play Doom while driving

Please don’t mod your car to play Doom while driving


*breathes into a paper bag*

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A public service announcement: Playing Doom is great! Playing Doom using your Porsche 911 as the controller is not great, because cars are meant for safely driving from one location to the next. This is why I’d encourage you to watch this fake mod in action, spotted by Sploid, and then never, ever try to actually make it a real thing.

YouTube channel vexal has an amusing video tutorial on how to mod a Porsche 911 to play the original Doom using a flash drive and the car’s computer, set to debug mode. Once the mod is set up, the video’s host demonstrates how to change direction with the steering wheel, swap guns with the gear selector, and fire the weapon by honking. This all sounds well and good for a stationary experience. Then he explains that to move forward, you need to accelerate. Cue the most panic-inducing part of the video, where he drives around hammering his horn and demolishing demons while weaving through a parking lot. On a scale of one to this toy monkey, my anxiety level falls here:

Vexal’s channel is full of much safer and real mods, which also explains that rogue toaster in his passenger’s seat. If you really want to play Doom on something other than a console or PC, maybe consider the MacBook Pro Touch Bar or an ATM? Doom runs on so many things — so many safer things.

Update February 21st, 6:00AM ET: Article updated to clarify this mod is a comedy video, not real.