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HBO will make its Sunday night shows available to stream early to avoid Oscars clash

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This upcoming Sunday is the Oscars, but it’s also the usual air time for some of HBO’s biggest weekly series. So to avoid the scheduling clash, HBO will make this week’s episodes of Girls, Crashing, and Big Little Lies available to stream early.

The episodes, which will be the second of the season for Crashing and Big Little Lies, and the third of the season for Girls, will be available on HBO Now, HBO Go, and on-demand this Friday, February 24th, ScreenCrush reports.

Although viewership of last year’s Oscars hit an 8-year low, it still managed to draw around 43 million eyeballs. That means there’s probably some overlap between the network’s viewers and those who watch the Oscars, but if nothing else, it’s a little bonus for impatient HBO fans.