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The MTA’s Supreme-branded MetroCard is a hot commodity

The MTA’s Supreme-branded MetroCard is a hot commodity

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The MTA’s Supreme-branded MetroCard launched in New York City today, and is currently available only at select subway stations in Manhattan, Queens, and Brooklyn. This is, unsurprisingly (or maybe surprisingly depending on your familiarity with brand loyalty), causing a bit of a frenzy.

You can pick one up at the Broadway-Lafayette stop (right in front of the Manhattan Supreme store), Prince Street (two blocks from the Supreme store), Spring Street (three blocks from the Supreme store) Atlantic Avenue (right by the Atlantic Terminal mall), Union Square (in the heart of the Union Square shopping center), Marcy Ave in Williamsburg, Queens Plaza, or 125th street in Harlem. Hooray for commerce!

hooray for commerce!

If you aren’t lucky enough to purchase one of the cards, which comes preloaded with two subway rides, you can also buy one on eBay. There are already dozens available for resale, and some of the listings were mysteriously posted before the cards became publicly available. Prices range from $50 to $999.97 (good luck with that one) for a MetroCard, which functions as a MetroCard, and happens to have the logo of a popular streetwear brand on one side.

Neither Supreme nor the MTA has announced how many cards are available (and did not respond to a request for comment), but it was likely a fairly low-cost advertising campaign for the brand. The MTA website lists rates for advertising on MetroCards as 51 cents per card for the first 50,000 to 124,999 cards printed.

The cards are part of Supreme’s new spring / summer line of clothes and accessories, which also includes this jacket:

Though this was certainly not the intent of the collaboration, the Supreme MetroCard strikes me as a particularly effective way of winning the hearts of NYC youths who have taken to proudly deleting their Uber accounts on social media in the last month. What better way to get bros to take ethical transportation than by slapping a Supreme logo on the ticket to ride?

A limited edition brick from Supreme’s fall / winter 2016 line — literally a brick that said “Supreme” on it — went for up to $1,000 on eBay at the time. So the MetroCard is cool, but not as cool as a brick. Please spend the next five minutes thinking about what you do with your expendable income.