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What’s better than a ‘smart’ hairbrush? A supersonic one, according to this Dyson patent

What’s better than a ‘smart’ hairbrush? A supersonic one, according to this Dyson patent


The UK company has filed a patent for a high-velocity styling tool

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Vacuum-maker Dyson has filed a patent for a “high-velocity” hairbrush that could potentially speed up hairstyling times, according to a report in Entrepreneur.

The device — which in sketches looks like a cross between a curling iron and a round brush and is awkwardly affixed to the side of an androgynous person’s head — could dry the hair without the use of heat. Instead, it would expel fluid at a high velocity through holes, “drying the hair and/or styling the hair into curls and waves.” The patent was filed with the UK’s Intellectual Property Office.

The Dyson brush would dry hair with or without heat, by expelling fluid at a high velocity

It’s unclear whether this styling tool would include the same digital motor technology that’s present in newer Dyson vacuums, as well as the company’s highly publicized Supersonic hair dryer. In our tests, the Supersonic hair dryer did indeed speed up drying time on straight hair, though it wasn’t so much of a difference that it justified the $400 price tag. We’ve emailed Dyson for more information on the new styling tool, and will provide updates if we hear back.

Dyson’s Supersonic hairdryer
Dyson’s Supersonic hairdryer
Vjeran Pavic

Dyson also isn’t the first to come up with the idea of a “smarter” hairbrush: at CES earlier this year, we reported on (and completely dissected) a smart hairbrush made with a combination of sensors that will record your brushing habits and send that data to a compatible mobile app.

The aim of that brush, made by L’Oreal and Withing, is to essentially tell you when your hair or your habits are a mess — and then point you toward L’Oreal-owned Kerastase products that will fix you. Dyson’s patent indicates that this device is actually supposed to save users time and the hassles of heat styling. I’m all for that.