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Google’s incredible Tilt Brush VR app is now on Oculus Rift

Google’s incredible Tilt Brush VR app is now on Oculus Rift


No longer a Vive exclusive

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Tilt Brush, one of the most fun, immersive, and impressive virtual reality tech demos for the HTC Vive, has arrived on that other VR platform. Porting the app, which lets you paint and create artwork in 3D space inside the VR world, to Oculus Rift wasn’t practical until the company got around to shipping its Touch controllers. Now that you can buy the controllers (and everyone should), Google has released Tilt Brush in the Oculus Store for $29.99.

Players should get an experience that’s largely identical across platforms. According to CNet, the lone “advantage” of Tilt Brush on Oculus is the ability to rest your finger on the controller’s touch-sensitive button to preview art strokes of paint, light, fire, stars, or Tilt Brush’s other amazing tools before fully pressing down to add them to your 3D canvas. One other useful feature coming to both versions today is the ability to preserve the color palette you’re using with each project whenever you save.

Unfortunately there’s still no sign of the multiplayer mode that Google announced back in September. And the Tilt Brush team has poured cold water on the idea of bringing the app to PlayStation VR for now, telling Upload VRthere are some things about PSVR that make it more challenging than PC-based VR for Tilt Brush. Right now the tracking is not really up to what we need as a creative team.”