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Twitter's new tabs feature makes its Windows 10 app more like TweetDeck

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Twitter tabs feature

Twitter killed off its TweetDeck for Windows app nearly a year ago, and now the company appears to be testing a new TweetDeck-like feature in its core Twitter app for Windows 10. MSPoweruser has spotted tabs inside the official Windows 10 Twitter app, allowing you to bring up profiles, lists, direct messages, and search results all within a tabbed interface.

The tabs aren’t an exact replica of the columns feature in TweetDeck as you can't see them all at once, and they’re not available for all Windows 10 Twitter users just yet. Twitter appears to be testing the feature with a limited set of users. It’s not clear why Twitter is testing a tabs feature in only its Windows app, but this could be a welcome alternative for fans of TweetDeck that were disappointed by the Windows app removal. We’ve reached out to Twitter to confirm when all Windows 10 users will be able to access tabs, and whether the company has plans to bring tabs to iOS, Android, and the Mac versions of its official Twitter apps.