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These Oscar history supercuts are a good way to pass your lunchbreak

These Oscar history supercuts are a good way to pass your lunchbreak


Crash course in film history

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For a while now, Burger Fiction has delighted us with its fantastic mash-up videos that examine the careers of actors and trends in film. With the Oscar taking place this weekend, the channel has shifted gears to look at the history of the winners for a bunch of categories, giving viewers a crash course in film history.

This isn’t the first time Andy Schneider and Jonathan Britnell (the minds behind the channel) have handled the awards season: they released a pair of videos last year that rounded up the special effects and Best Picture categories.

This year, the channel has released another pair of overviews: cinematography and animation, both of which take a good look at how those particular fields have changed with time. Cinematography highlights the last nine decades of films, giving viewers a solid overview of how films have been framed in that time, and how that particular field has changed.

Animation has a slightly shorter history (the first award was handed out in 2001), but the video takes a bit more time to show off each film.

While a ton of videos highlight award winners or examine the intricacies of the film industry, these particular videos let the films speak for themselves by showing key moments within each particular field. It’s easy to take a look at the bigger categories like best film or special effects, because they’re so well known, but taking a look at some of the less mainstream categories helps to shine a light on the really important work that goes into making a film look great.