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Watch NASA’s big exoplanet discovery announcement

Watch NASA’s big exoplanet discovery announcement


Just a heads up: it’s not aliens

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At 1PM ET, NASA will be announcing a new exciting discovery about planets that orbit stars outside our Solar System. The space agency will have a number of panelists on hand for the announcement, including Sean Carey — the manager of NASA's Spitzer Science Center at Caltech — and Sara Seager — a notable expert in the study of exoplanets from MIT.

People are encouraged to ask questions to the panelists through Twitter, using the hashtag #askNASA, and if you have even more questions once the announcement is over, there will be a followup Reddit AMA at 3PM ET. We can answer one question for you now though: it’s not aliens. (It never is.) Still, the discovery promises to be super cool and could help with our search for extraterrestrial life moving forward.