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Windows 10's mail app gets Focused Inbox and calendar improvements today

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Microsoft is updating its Mail and Calendar apps for Windows 10 today with some features that the company has been using in its mobile apps. The biggest addition is Focused Inbox, a feature that was first available on Outlook for iOS and Android.

In Windows 10, Focused Inbox lets you separate out an inbox into two sections that will filter important emails into the Focused section, and less important emails like newsletters into the Other section. It has worked well on the mobile version of the app, learning email habits as you keep using the feature. Microsoft has decided to limit Focused Inbox in the Windows 10 Mail app to just and Office 365 accounts, despite the feature being available for Gmail and Google Apps accounts on the mobile versions of the apps.

Focused Inbox in Windows 10 Mail app

Microsoft is also bringing mentions to the Mail app for Windows 10. You can simply @ and tag a name into an email message, and if that person isn’t already on the email thread they’ll be added automatically.

On the calendar side, Microsoft is adding colored categories, interesting calendars, and travel reservation and package delivery support. Colored categories lets you categorize calendar events with colors, so it’s a lot easier to scan your schedule and find out what events matter just from a color scheme. The interesting calendars feature lets you find calendars for sports teams, TV shows, and more, and add them to your calendar to track when events are beginning.

The most useful new addition to the calendar app is the ability to display travel reservations and package delivery details. If such an event is in your calendar then Mail for Windows 10 will now surface a useful summary card with all the details of your package or your flight. Improvements also include some tweaking of the locations feature for calendar entries and an option to add Skype for online meetings. All of these changes are rolling out immediately through an app update to Mail and Calendar in the Windows Store.

Flight tracking in Windows 10 Calendar app