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Here’s Arianna Huffington’s memo to Uber employees about the investigation she’s helping lead

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Uber is still reeling after the explosive allegations of sexual harassment and a toxic work culture that surfaced over the weekend. The company and its CEO Travis Kalanick are simultaneously in damage control and investigation modes, holding an emotional all-hands meeting and putting together a group to review the problems at Uber, led by former US Attorney General Eric Holder and board member Arianna Huffington.

If that wasn’t enough, The New York Times tonight published yet more evidence of problems at Uber, detailing harassment at a debauched Las Vegas party and a manager who “threatened to beat an underperforming employee’s head in with a baseball bat.”

In an email that was sent to Uber employees and obtained by The Verge, Huffington herself laid out her initial plans to begin the work of the investigation. She says that the company leadership is “absolutely committed to making any and all changes that need to happen” and detailed several visits to Uber’s offices she’s planning to talk to employees.

Huffington’s full memo, which is short and to the point, is below:

Hi everybody, I'm writing this from the plane back to New York after two days in the office listening to your concerns, your experiences, your expectations for Uber—and to all the things you want to get done to improve it. I have talked with Eric Holder and Tammy Albarran who are both planning to be at 1455 Market tomorrow to continue their work. And while the investigation is continuing, I wanted to share a few impressions before I head back. First, know that in all my conversations with Travis and members of the leadership team, everyone is absolutely committed to making any and all changes that need to happen. I also want to let you know how many people wanted to talk to me about how much they love Uber and its mission, and how much they want to be part of the team that fixes everything that's not working to create a workplace where everyone feels respected and valued.

I have set up calls with those of you I was not able to meet, and also next week will be in the New York and Vancouver offices and we will set up time with anyone who wants to meet with me. More soon, Arianna